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The War

The deities of Aspects and Dragon Mantels wage war against each other as more timeless creatures, Ancient Ones, watch on in interest.  The world is ever changing and continues to cycle through ages, upon ages of death and rebirth.  The landscape may change and civilizations are built, but none have real stability.  Most live in the time between the changes.

The Ageless

Only a few survive an age, and they do not want much attention drawn to them.  Won by devotion to magical art, or stolen by powerful ritual, these individuals have come to great power or luck.  A few of those survivors cluster together in an attempt to stop the onset of the next age.  Despite their efforts, the ages continue to turn like pages in a book.

The Players

Who will your player be?  Will you care about the war waging around you?  Will you instead focus on the tasks that you have power over?  Will you attempt mastery over life to gain enough power to survive the turning of an age?  Will you even care about the deities and their overarching plans?  What will you accomplish in the game and will you leave a mark? Only you decide.