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"Katarite and Ice. That's the only thing anyone finds up here."

- miner

The hamlet of Kataminka, best known for its newly minted katarite mine, is the second recognized settlement of Razpeka. Settled in 984 ZYE, Kataminka is located at the base of some hills in the Glazing Icelands. Efforts to permanently settle, expand, and foritify the area are currently underway by the Razpekan govermement.

The road from Dynsel to Kataminka is largely unsecured. Country sponsered caravans, packed with food, supplies, and hopeful settlers, are sent out once every 6 months.

Given the dangerous nature of the surronding lands, it is recommended, for people looking to settle in Kataminka, to travel with the offical caravans. This has not prevented others from setting out on their own. Those that do travel on their own, rarely reach Kataminka.

There are plans to secure a trade route, though progress on such a route has been slow.


Appointed by the Elarekk Dynsel, Kataminka is ruled by a council of two. One member of the council is responsible for the mine's operation and the other is responsible for the hamlet surrounding the mine.

Laws have been written into the hamlet's charter to expand the council as the settlement grows.


Founded only a few years ago, Kataminka does not have a lengthy history. Aproximately 4 years ago, Razpekan scouts discovered a cave filled with katarite during an exploration expedition.

When news of the katarite cave reached Dynsel, a larger expedition was put together and sent out. This expedition confirmed the findings, started up a mine, and began to settle the area.

Unable to come up with an "interesting" name, Kataminka was named by the foreman combining the words katarite and mine while slapping -ka at the end.

Natural Resources

The most promient natural resource is the katarite from the hills near Kataminka. Other metals and gemstones have also been found while mining for katarite.

Founding Date
[month 5] 22, 984 ZYE

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