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Kingdom of Arso

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The Kingdom of Arso, arisen from the ashes of the great Elven empire of old. It covered the whole of the continent, with every race living under its prosperous banner. With the Elves slowly recovering from their fall.   Yet, 38 years ago this all changed. With the invasion from a continent across the Impassable Ocean. In their 8 year campaign they took control of the Arso kingdom. Until they hit the Blackridge Peaks where they were halted.   The Kingdom is now ruled by a once Paladin, renowned across the land for his bravery and fighting skill. And a queen, rumored to be a sorcerer, or a witch. With rumours of elements of the ruling class wishing for the death of the queen and a replacement for the now lax king, the Kingdom lies in a mostly stable state. But a single push may cause it to fall into chaos.