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Old Antigonia

Describe a geographically or meteorologically unstable region of your world


A mountain range larger than any country in the world, and most undiscovered by modern society. Full of veins of gold, silver and precious jewels but dotted through these mountains are volcanoes dormant for millennia but vulnerable to the interference of man. Spectacular views, open sky and large swaths of green fields are home to many creatures both beautiful and deadly.    Due to the expansion of the empire, most of the discovered parts of the mountain range are in ruin and devoid of most life. The famous mines, greenery and cities of Old Anitgonia are lost and nearly impossible to reach due to collapsed rocks and hollow ground and ash.    The areas left undiscovered and untouched are a mystery now but one can imagine the riches and resources laying beyond the ruin of Old Antigonia


overgrown ruins of vast destructions and vegetation and mountains and fire.    Shrubs, ferns and other small plants like mosses are often the first to begin growing.   Lots of rain.    insects bats birds turtles Many of these organisms – which, by virtue of their extreme seclusion from mainland relatives, evolved into highly unique forms   elk, black-tailed deer, black bears and mountain lions.

Ecosystem Cycles

Harsh freezing winters and thriving springs and summers. The plants die and the animals hideaway in the mines and then hunt and run and rule the mountains in the warm months

Localized Phenomena

A meteor with magic eating stone fell here prompting the Meta-Sol to drive people from the mountains

Fauna & Flora

bone snakes, boulder cats, ranger goats, redring frogs

Natural Resources

gold, silver, diamonds


Old Antigonia is the birthplace of the world's richest and most powerful empire. Once a cluster of warring tribes and impoverished villages, one leader led his people deep into the belly of the mountains to spend decades mining riches and grow the mst vast wealth in the continent. It was beneath these mountains in these mines that the first king of Anitgone was crowned and had his vision of a perfect golden world, unified and connected as one that he carved into a wall of pure gold.    As there mines grew this leader connected more and more villages through his tunnels and bridges and brought more and more people beneth his banner. Soon he had unified the vast mountain range and suddenly a once Kingless, bannerless and lawless cluster of rocks was the 2nd largest and richest country in the Kowls. This would rock and shake the continent  forever.    Afte 150 years of invasion and expansion across the kowls the people of anitgonia were now the Anitgone Empire and the once great systems of mines were hollowed faster then they expanded and the great ground collapsed upon the birthplace of an empire, killing thousands and cutting the empire off from their history.    When trying to bring his people back to their beginning the current emperor had an expedition into the mountains but when he got close a volcanic eruption disturbed his plans and ruined his people's chance of ever seeing their home again. Mercia was born in these mountains.


The Wanderers and archeologists and adventurers are the only ones brave enough and foolish enough to dare travel through the ruins or beyond in those mountains. Many never return, many who do didn't make it far and the rare few who make it beyond and back are not the same and don't last long.
Alternative Name(s)
Hollow Mountains, Golden Stain, the Bone Hills
Mountain Range
Location under
Owning Organization

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