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Khalderahna is a mystery to behold. Inside the many religious halls, it is preached of how the gods are grateful for their creations. This, however, is a lie. Many gods do not love them. They see them as backstabbers, schemers, and traitors. However, the ruling pantheon sees their father's creations' redeeming qualities and continues to monitor them. However, their uncle, Tharkanos, and his adopted children of a dead and forgotten deity continue to be a threat to each soul's life essence.   Khalderahna is a land of grim hope that will eventually crumble amongst the weight of the Deep One's influence as Tharkanos plans within the dark confines of his realm he was banished to by his brother. Only faith and willpower of life essence can save Khalderahna from her decline. Should there be no hope left to redeem her, the creator might realize that there is no redemption....only to destroy her.