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Nyxuna (nɪksˌʌnʌ)

The Baroness of Magic and Dreams (a.k.a. Nebula)

Nyxuna is the second-oldest of the five Primordal Deities, and the Primordal of Magic.
She is mysterious, preferring to keep to herself rather than participate in mortal affairs. Many think of her as some almighty sorceress with control over all magic, while she considers herself a mere researcher who is trying to learn as she can about magic.
Some say that if you gaze up to the sky at night and see violet stars, that means Nyxuna is near, and that you should run. "Those who see the stars bleed with amethyst blood will see the Baroness- only for one heartbeat. Only a few make it out alive." they whisper. A few think it is just a story, a tale to scare the kids into staying in bed at night, while some avoid the stars like a plague.
All I can say is.. Stay on her good side. It is safer that way.

Divine Domains

  • Magic
  • Dreams
  • Space


Her Grimoire, which contains every known spell in the Three Realms.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • Deer
  • Stars
  • Open book

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Whichever from she takes, Nyxuna always has a dark purple gradient from her fingertips that fades down her arms. She thinks it might have come from her habits of practicing magic and trying to cast so many spells.

Special abilities

Along with her immense magical power, Nyxuna also controls dreams (Or nightmares if the recipient has angered her) and is known for messaging people through them.

Specialized Equipment

Nyxuna has her trusty Grimoire with her at all times, ready to jot down spells on a moment's notice. The Grimoire is practically considered as a magical item by those who haven't seen it with their own eyes, and has been the victim of many would-be booknappings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nyxuna was created by Ashren in the first hour, along with the other four Primordals. She was the second-oldest of her siblings, and was the first to create her species to populate the world, the Balonair. After bringing her creation to life, she set off to find it a suitable place to live. After successfully giving it a hut on a tall mountain, she retreated to Aniberus to study magic.


Aromantic Asexual

Intellectual Characteristics

Nyxuna is very cautious, preferring to think through every step before taking action. However, in a high pressure situation, her calm façade can and will crumble, and someone will be bound to pay the price.

Personality Characteristics


She is motivated by her urge to learn, always reading new books or observing the world around her.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Pastries (Especially flaky ones)
  • Casual conversations
  • Learning new spells
  • Observing wildlife
  • Books
  • Ice
  • Gambling
  • Soy sauce (She actually likes it but is allergic)
  • The cold
  • Rudeness

Virtues & Personality perks

Nyxuna is kind and caring to her friends and family, and is very courteous to strangers. She is adaptable and resourceful, and willing to help with most tasks, as long as it does not interrupt her work.

Vices & Personality flaws

She can be cold and downright aggressive to those she doesn't like, and when upset she becomes very moody, not talking to anyone for at least an hour before plotting to get her revenge.


Social Aptitude

She can come off as cold and uncaring at the first glance, but once she knows someone she usually opens up. Only people she knows see her charismatic, compassionate, and energetic side, but catching her in that mood is like tracking a creature that walked on hard stone a week ago and it snowed yesterday.
Divine Classification
True neutral with a dash of good.
Current Status
Meeting with the other deities to discuss what to do about the corrupted magic
Current Location
Date of Birth
1st of January
Dark blue, hooded, slightly glowing
Long, flowing, black, slightly iridescent
6.7 m (22 feet)
296 kg (652 lbs)

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