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The Lost Ones

"I have been wandering these caverns for.. weeks? Months? I can't tell anymore. It's been too long. I can't stay here. This isn't where I'm meant to be. I'm immortal, living like this forever would be torture. I need to get out."     "I guess I can.. I can make the city here, and hope we can find our way out. I want to see the sunlight again." -The first Naracon, Merlyth.
    The Naracon are a species hidden away in the caves where magic flows freely... and they want to get out.
They look like large centaurs with a drake's body instead of a horse's. They have the least magical abilities out of all of the 5 intelligent species, to combat the intense mana exposure that comes from living so close to the currents. They also have developed high magic resistance, letting them swim in mana for a short amount of time. They are very fast and great climbers, able to climb up walls with ease.
When the first Naracon was searching for it's place to settle down and start a village, they accidentally fell into the mana currents while exploring a cave. They were swept far away and got so lost that even a thousand years later, the entire city has still been making efforts to find some way back to the surface.
While they were struggling to get to where the sun shines, the Naracon faded into legend amongst the other species of Kathrir. Hopefully one day soon one, just one, of their transmissions will get through and reach the other people of the world. Soon.        
"Can anyone hear me? Is anyone there?"
The scientist jumped from their chair and rushed over to their computer. Was that conference today and their boss was calling to remind them?
"Yes. And this is?"
They heard cheers of joy from the other side. "We finally did it... Okay. This is Merlyth of the Naracon, and my people and I require your assistance. If you help us, we have a grand reward for you. Do you accept?"
Art is drawn by me, made with Ohuhu Markers
Scientific Name
Dracos Callabus
120-150 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Naracon scales come in a huge variety of colors, though they are usually very shiny and even iridescent at times. Bright colored scales with that shimmer is a sign of good health.
Geographic Distribution

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