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Commador Juliana

Commadore Victoria Kayleth Juliana

Commadore victoria kayleth Juliana has been stationed at the vital docks at Kastellia since before the Sabbat Worlds fell, during the fall of the sabbat worlds she was 1st lieutenant on board the light cruiser 'indomitable'.   Her ship and the others assigned to the defence of Kastellia were badly mauled by the invaders. As the highest ranking survivor of the defence force she saw to the defence of the system, holding back the invasion forces long enough for a relief fleet from battlefleet Pacificus to arrive and drive off the forces of chaos. For her actions she was awarded the crimson braid and promoted Captain of the 'indomitable'.   When the Sabbat worlds crusade began, she was personally assigned command of the Navy docks at Kastellia and given the rank of commadore by warmaster Slaydo, who was noted to have respected the commadore for her actions there.   As one could imagine, the commadore is immensely popular with the citizens of Kastellia, as she saved them from certain death at the hands of the great enemy.

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