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Karus Cardina

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In the closing years of Gregorian Era, Karus Cardina was consumed by perpetual conflicts. The fires of war raged on. spreading deep into the mountains, to the land of Ashkuen.   "Is the war ... finally over?" cried a wounded soldier, surrounded by mountains of corpse and ashes. Beyond the sound blades clanging and flesh shredding arose the victorious battle cry of Dumbo Cornius. "Lord Dante Noir is no more."   Master Cornius staged the bloody coup and wrestled the control of entire Karus Cardina.   On that day, a young cub who lost everything was taken from the battlefield. He trained relentlessly and indeed went on to be a master swordsman.  
Listen Daine, you must never for the Ashkuen code. As your family, our word is absolute. Your master's is a close second. As of today, he is your master. Defend him with your life. If he is taken, bring him back at any cost. You understand us, don't you Daine.
  Some twenty years after the Dumbo's Coup, the Cornius throne was on the brink of collapse. And the swordsman known as Daine had lost everything -- both the clan who took him in and the boy he sworn to protect.

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