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Carolee Saoirse Murphy- O'Riordan (a.k.a. Assassin; Fae Bitch; Enforcer, Mum)

Murder and marriage. The order of events in Carolee's human life was rather conventional. She grew from childhood into adolescence, went to school and considered her Leaving Certificate at a proper age. In school, she met a lay-about named Colm to his few friends, who used him more for his truck to drive around the outskirts of Bray. They fell for what passed as love for teens wielding a half-drunk whiskey bottle, and amidst romantic fumbling, Carolee became pregnant.

No more Leaving Certificate, no plans for university or becoming a doctor. Carolee and Colm were married by the will of their intensely Catholic families, before the baby was large enough to show through Carolee's dress.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Pale and sullen, Carolee kills via stealth. Most (including myself oddly enough) remain unawares as to her physical strength or any training or prowess beyond her ability to rely on dissection and the use of obsidian blades.    Her time in the Ginnungagap have made Carolee unlike any human I encountered on my journeys, a determined husk, whose appearance must deceive. Carolee always gets her kill, eventually.

Special abilities

The unique ability to traverse the Ginnungagap while maintaining some semblance of vector and sanity.

Apparel & Accessories

Black clothing created of plant-based fibres and leather shoes. Two black bladed knives at her sides.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pregnant at 17, there was no more talk of a Leaving Certificate, no plans for university or becoming a doctor. Carolee and Colm were married before Liam could make an appearance in Carolee's stomach. Life would settle into a comfortable normality, their families assured them, with wedded bliss fitting well on Colm's barely tapped and seldom mentioned potential. Colm took odd jobs, worked construction and always looked for ways he could make his little family a bit higher up on the village radar.

Anything to make up for taking Carolee's future away, as she oft mumbled into the pillow at night, once she’d folded the laundry and made his lunch for the next day. To excuse the stretch marks, the school runs which would come as Liam aged, the counting euros as if they were gold. Disappointed with the trajectory of her life, the only consolation for Carolee was their son.

Colm never mounted to much, too flighty and irresponsible. Carolee did what she could, grew a garden and took what small jobs were to be had in their village, but money was never plentiful. Liam was in second hand clothes Carolee sutured together with the skills she wished would make her a surgeon someday.

Then, life changed. Colm came home with a stable job and a new truck. The village grew best from Carolee’s garden, and little Liam gained friends by the dozen. They were no longer the suspiciously young married couple, who likely took to the bottle too much, married out of shame. Colm O’Riordan was a man of the town, a supervisor and clever fellow, and Carolee, the smart wife.

It was all coming up roses and honey, until Colm came home in fits and sobs, drunk off his goat. He’d made a deal, see, with the Fae. Three wishes, three chances to get all they wanted and pay later. Eventually… such odd terms.

The Heart of a Sinner.

A War Hound.

And Liam. Little, precious Liam.


The heart of a sinner, the Fae Queen said, well… Carolee knew how to carve one out.

After Selyka came personally to collect, Carolee became indebted to the Fae and left with Liam to the The Fae Lands. Yet, it was indecent and rather impossible for Carolee to raise the boy, the Fae decided, after what Carolee had done. Punitive and rehabilitative methods were required, before Carolee could join her son as a family once again. Thus, Carolee was cursed to do Queen Selyka's bidding, until the guilt which ate at her soul was expunged.

What a better use for Carolee, than sending her after those Fae and Changelings who broke the Truce? After all, she already had the knife.


Incomplete secondary education, although Carolee is a voracious reader when she gets the chance.


Since murdering her husband to carve out his heart, Carolee has fallen under the indebted employ of the Fae Queen Selyka. Having a talent for anatomy & no issue with blood, Carolee became Selyka’s enforcer. 

Many Fae who broke the Truce fell dead to Carolee’s obsidian blades, bodies lost to the Ginnungagap, or whatever Carolee does to the unfaithful.

Mental Trauma

Eons of retribution for her crimes await Carolee, but she undergoes every trial and order for one purpose: To reunite with her son as a worthy mother, one absolved of murdering his father in cold, calculated blood.

Intellectual Characteristics

Too intelligent for her own good at times, Carolee comes off as frigid as Niflheim or Pluto, which is not (but should be) a planet.

Morality & Philosophy

All will be forgiven, and then Liam and Carolee will be a family. This is the only thing which matters.

Personality Characteristics


To expunge her guilt and return to her son.


Family Ties

Liam, the child-companion of the Fae Princess Astraea.
Current Location
Current Residence
Dull Green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Freckled
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Appears In

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Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks


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