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The primordial Realm, a fount of chaos before the creation of the Cosmos & the Realms. Some called it Khaos, others Zep Tepi, Abzu, still others the chaotic waters or primordial oceans from whence all originated. Nebulous and unnavigable, I call it Ginnungagap, for the infinite expanse of the potential of all the universe is... well, it's written that way in my book in big gold letters. A bit of illumination in the manuscript from its earliest press of reed on clay.


A place of infinity and timelessness, some make attempts to quantify the Ginnungagap with talk of spacetime, gravity, physical concepts which do not exist in the space. This is an infinite space before existence, the backstage of the worlds strung together along its smoke-like eddies and nebulae. It is the Creatrix's haven, and she alone traverses unimpeded.   There exist no maps, no potentials for pathways through its infinite ebbs and flows. The Ginnungagap may be forever changing, or more likely due to its size, one may never see the same part of it twice. Land formations exist in some reports, but most who return from the Ginnungagap (if they return at all) are the babbling insane.

"... Daddy? Please say something."

Silence permeated the centimetres between Caleb and his daughter, as hollow as his cheeks, as the blanket over once brilliant eyes now muted to a dull grey in the diffuse sunlight.

"Anything. Even one thing." Karisma slid fingernails painted with purple and green duochrome into along his palm. Brows furrowed, Caleb tipped his chin to look down at the colourful polish, took a deep breath into shuddering lungs. "Please?" 

"I'm glad you like the polish. Looks good on you. I'm, ah..." And he dropped over his feet, caught by Jase before he suffered the indignity of the ground.


Book of Revels

  Do not get lost in the Ginnungagap. Do not fall prey to the expectation that those who find hidden paths gain power. It is above all, an unforgiving and unknowable place.


Nebulous and unknowable, the Ginnungagap's flora and fauna are mysteries known only to the Creatrix. Those who venture into its spaces are said to continue living, cast into a place where neither death nor sanity can touch, but this is unconfirmed. Most stories which betray a desire for hidden knowledge assume those exalted masters who discover the few stolen paths to the Ginnungagap in the first place will be doted on with divine rites, secrets and the powers of creation. I have little evidence to dictate more than this: 

Any who see and experience the Ginnungagap are either never seen again, heard wandering the void in babble, or driven insane. The only exception in my pages is the Fae Court enforcer Carolee, who seems to have discovered the only consistent paths through the void. 

Only a few beings survived direct contact with the Ginnungagap and returned to the Middling Plane, or any Realm, intact.

Localized Phenomena

Shifting nebulae & constantly changing forms in the deep.

Fauna & Flora

The only native fauna is the Creatrix, followed by her primordial creations. Of the unfortunate creatures who somehow found their way into the Ginnungagap (most of whom suffer self-inflicted moments of supreme hubris to get there), only Carolee seems to traverse the span with repeated success.

Natural Resources

Potential. Unlimited, infinite creative potential.


See: Cosmogonies. 

In the beginning...


Alternative Name(s)
Zep Tepi, Khaos, Abzu, The Waters, the Void
Dimensional plane
Ruling/Owning Rank
Characters in Location

Appears In

Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks


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