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A world of living gods. Legends and myths have power in Jorda, tales of your heroism may just get you a chance at godhood. But some more sinister individuals would think that the same applies to tales of Villainy, and they're right. The latent magic power of Jorda can also be trapped into by particularly dedicated individuals, or individuals under significant stress. Or through the acquisition of a shard of the moon, the most magically charged objects known to man.


From the formless chaos that encompassed the material plane rose the primordial gods embraced in each others arms. Dasan the primordial god of dawn, and Dosan the primordial god of Dusk. They began creating the planet of Jorda. They created the Sky, the sea, and the land, and created gods of life, death, and time to watch over the planet and weave life into her soil. The intense magical energy of Jorda's creation drew the ire of an otherworldly creature, Uxutlon


The true gods of Dasan and Dosan used most of their magical power to imprison themselves together with Uxutlon inside of the moon. It has been many eons since the moon was created, and pieces of it are starting to fall.