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Thei is one of my favourite people to visit in Tavertral. Since I'm not the best artist in the world, if I want a breathtaking art piece made for my writings and articles I'll come knocking on his door (not literally, we meet at a cafe) asking for some.

Personal History

I don't really know much about Thei's personal history, as our conversations are usually about food or art. I do know one interesting story, however.

Three years ago, Thei was on a hiking trip around the Cherry Mountains just south of Tavertral. As he continued climbing, he stumbled across the Cherry Tribe. Completely accidental, somehow in his mountain of research about the Cherry Mountains he combed through, he didn't find a single mention of these people despite them being fairly well-known. Nevertheless, it was quite a shock to him to discover a group of people living nestled in between these red mountains.

After spending a few hours with the people and exploring the tiny village, he was invited to the town hall building, dug in to one of the mountainsides. He was given a seat at one end of an extremely long table, with the village leader on the other side. Without saying a word, because the cherry tribe don't speak, the leader pushed a red plate across the table. On this red plate was a single black fungus.

Without anybody even explaining what Thei was supposed to do, he popped the fungus in his mouth and swallowed it whole. Every single tribesperson in the room were absolutely gobsmacked. This black root fungus trial is supposed to be the most difficult rite of passage on the planet, where you had to consume an entire one of these disgusting fungi, and Thei just ate it like it was nothing.

Current Status
Probably doodling in one of his many notepads
Current Location
Date of Birth
3rd Oaissk
Year of Birth
1982 23 Years old
Long, curly gold hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light grey skin

Strengths & Weaknesses


Thei is an incredibly kind person. When we meet, he always buys the both of us a drink and some food, which never lasts more than five minutes but it's a kind gesture nonetheless.

Thei can produce art at extraordinary rates. He could draw out the most detailed scenery in about an hour, which is why I always go to him as an artist. Plus his art is cheap, since it doesn't take up much of his time.


I wouldn't say it's a weakness, but Thei is probably too good of an artist. I mean, he got rejected from an art gallery several times because his art was apparently "just taken with a camera". They didn't even check, just denied him on the spot. If they had looked closely at all they would've noticed the brush strokes.


Thei is a fabulous artist. He is able to create art so realistic it's fooled me on several occasions. We always meet up at Kei's Korner, a small little cafe in the quiet but gorgeous part of Tavertral. If I ever go to meet him to arrange more art, he'll be there three hours early and sketching everybody who visits the cafe.
How many people have you sketched in the last hour?
About thirty.
That's like one person every two minutes! How do you find the time!?
I just do.


Author's Notes

Andrew is one of the best people in the WA community. Whenever I need a little art piece made with Midjourney, Thei is always there to help! Not only that, he's inspired tons of articles in the Yonderverse, no doubt more than twenty or so. Thank you Thei!

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
14 Dec, 2022 13:19

It's so nice to see these little cameos! This is a clever way to shout out someone who's helped you getting your world illustrated. The story of him and the fungus is really fun too.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore! | Summercamp in Solaris
14 Dec, 2022 13:41

I'm glad you enjoyed the article! It was super fun to write, especially the fungus story xD

I hope you have a great day!   The Yonderverse is getting Spooky!
27 Dec, 2022 17:10

Oh no, the curse of being too good of an artist: in a competition in middle school, our team was disqualified bc one of our classmates' art pieces was "so good there was no way it wasn't done by an adult". We were so riled, he wound up arting in front of the judges to prove them wrong XD I bet Thei could set up shop outside those galleries to accomplish the same!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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27 Dec, 2022 17:48

Thank you for liking and commenting! That's awful, it's annoying when teachers doubt student's abilities >:( But maybe Thei could do that too!

I hope you have a great day!   The Yonderverse is getting Spooky!
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