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Ivistokin is a mostly plain world, at least in the known parts of it, which are the continents of Svistik and Teryk. Teryk is the biggest one, and home to the Republic, a civilization founded on the ruins of a crumbling empire, roughly 134 years ago. To the north of the Republic is a sea known as the Strikenen Sea, a cold and open sea. To the south is a series of plains, where barbarians live. To the west, a series of hills are found, and past it the only mountain range in the continent is found. To the east, another sea is seen, the Taw Sea, an endless cold sea. The continent of Svistik is not much explored, and the southern coast of it is desolate and cold, with few people, the natives, living there. The Old Empire tried to settle the continent twenty-three times, and half of them were failures before the colony could even be settled, while the other half of the expeditions settled in the continent, but were driven out in less than a month. There is a vast forest also to the south of the Republic, but within the Republic, only one small forest is to be seen, for the Old Empire cut down most of the trees to use the wood for their initial buildings, this forest is known as the Red Forest, for few people that go in ever get out. Magic is basically non-existant in this world, and the few “magicians” are in truth frauds, but are still able to fool many of the common folk, that gives them money in exchange for their “magic”.