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Vast plains of roaming beasts, unexplored continents teeming with life and culture, an old war-torn land that seeks to bring its suffering to those who know not of its immense weight. Many heroes and villains alike rise up to use this new era of change to help themselves and others around them. Many wish for the world not to change and push back against the growing tides of blood and death that will come in the following centuries but to no avail. Frotland is a land where every inch of land has a story to tell that goes back for as long as any care to think. It has been ruled over, conquered, burned, pillaged, grown, and lived in by hundreds of groups with each their own cultures and beliefs. After some new ideas came from certain sailors and merchants many traveled to find new paths to follow this culminating in the discovery of Newland a continent unknown and nearly 3 times the size of Frotland and ready for conquest. Newland is a massive continent where billions live spread out through its plains with sprawling tribes and empires of its own, however, they lack a crucial weapon that the Frottish have, Magic. Though a few born with magic and those who make pacts with entities beyond exist they are recluses and outcasts from society not developed and utilized like the studied and weaponized magic of land that needed such power.

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