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The Vostani are a fiercely independent people who inhabit the northern forests of the eastern realms. Very little of them is known to those living in the south, as almost no contact has been made between the Vostani and their neighbors. They have existed free of outside influences for almost their entire history and developed a truly unique culture and language. Central to their way of life is a reverence for the forest, devotion to their gods, and respect for the strength of the warrior spirit. Although the people of the Vostian Forest share these things in common, they are far from a unified people. To the outside observer, one Vostani tribe may appear to be no different than another; but hundreds of different tribes have vied for dominance in the forests for a thousand years. Only recently, with the encroachment of the Mardhelm Empire into their lands, did they find cause to unite against a common threat.
Chibali, Nordka, Lorgias; it doesn't matter what they call themselves. They'll sooner stick a spear in your gut than take the time to explain the difference.
Overheard in an imperial garrison in Rechist, circa 847 I.R.

Illustration by Angus McBride


The Vostian Confederation

In the face of imperial expansion of the Mardhelm Empire into the northern forests, the various tribes of the Vostani have banded together into a loose alliance known as the Vostian Confederation. This alliance sees, for the first time in their history, a cooperation between the tribes for a common purpose. The sharing of resources, technology, and manpower between the tribes has reached and all-time high. In addition, coordination of efforts to resist the imperial legions in the west has seen what was once limited to raiding parties gather together into an actual army. Had this occurred in the past - without such a threat to their homeland putting them on a defensive posture - the Vostani might have carved out an empire of their own.

Goths by Fall3NAiRBoRnE

Illustration by Angus McBride

Physical Attributes


Average Height, Weight, and Build:


Average Weight

170 lbs

Average Build


Common Hair Colors:

Brown, Russet

Common Eye Colors:

Dark Brown, Green

Typical Skin Tone:


Traditional Names



Magus, Bjornigson, Valaris, Chessik, Hallafson

Male Names:

Bjorn, Ragnar, Olaf, Petrick, Johan

Female Names:

Elsa, Olga, Bridgitte, Misa, Larissa

The Iron Right

Prior to the unprecedented level of cooperation seen under the Vostian Confederation, the only law shared among the tribes in the past was a cultural consensus that one should not harm the defenseless. The Vostani have always felt that what can be taken by strength of arms in the face of honorable combat is a justified gain. Because of this, raiding between the tribes to obtain resources was a common occurrence and had never been considered a violation of any ethic or legal code so long as there is an armed resistance present to confront the raiders. Since the founding of the Confederation however, a new code of laws is forming that discourages hostilities among the tribes.

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