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The Source

The Source originates in the Faewylde, and is the energy from which all living things derive the spark of life. The energy of The Source pervades all aspects of the Faewylde and is present there in concentrated form. Denizens of the Faewylde - especially the Fae themselves - can manipulate it in certain ways. Some learn to shape and bend the elements to their will. Effects of this can include manifesting new creations from the raw energy of the source, or even altering the fabric of reality itself.  

Eldaren Magi

  Even in the Mortal Realms, all life draws from The Source. It flows into the Mortal Realms from the Faewylde through the veil that separates the two worlds in all places, fueling the spark of life in all living things. In some places, this energy flows more freely than in others. These places are known as conduits. In some places, these conduits converge and create areas where the veil between the realms is weakest, even allowing for travel between the worlds with the proper manipulation of the fabric of the veil.   To those living in the Mortal Realms, there is no knowledge of The Source. Near conduits and convergences, however, strange things often occur. Stories of monsters, ghosts, or even divine beings are often inspired by what people have seen in these places and are unable to otherwise explain.


The power of The Source permeates the Faewylde. As it seeps into the Mortal Realms through the conduits, it generally dissipates as it gives life to the flora and fauna of Istaria. At the point where a conduit connects to the realms, however, there is a weak concentration of energy that can be harnessed by those who have the ability to do so - which is usually only those with Fae blood. At the site of a convergence, this concentration is even stronger. In these places strange things can occur, plants and animals might take on new forms, and even creatures of the Faewylde might pass through to the Mortal Realm. Often, these convergences also create areas of abundant life. The densely forested foothills in Remaria are one such example, and is one of the most concentrated areas of convergences in all of Istaria.

The Source


Shaping the source comes naturally to almost all Fae, but many never develop more than a casual ability to effect the world around them. Those who train and study for decades become Shapers, and it is they who are truly able to accomplish fantastic things. Among the Shapers are some who even achieve the ability to manipulate the raw energies of The Source to create magical effects outside the realm of simply influencing the natural world around them. These Shapers are known as Magi, and the most powerful among them Archmagi. Over the millenia, there have only been a handful of Archmagi.

The Touched

Among humanity, there are some who have a strong connection to The Source. Among the Fae, they are called The Touched. None among humanity truly understand why some among them exhibit strange abilities. These abilities manifest in different ways, such as some among the Bravani manifesting an ability to see into the future. More often, though, the effect of The Source upon the human mind leads to madness - and sometimes death.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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