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Sira is a princess of the Eldaren, and sister to Malachai. She is an accomplished shaper and a skilled warrior. She is loyal to her brother and her people, but she also feels that their ways are too strict. She despises the Drakhari for their aggression and their wish to enslave humanity. She would like to see her people take a more active role in the Mortal Realms, and yearns to travel there one day herself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sira grew up in the royal palace of Sithas, the capital city of the Eldaren. She showed promise at an early age as a shaper - one who studies how to bend The Source. While all Fae can touch The Source to some degree, only a true shaper will ever find mastery over it. She spent many years studying under the tutelage of elder shapers and is now respected as one of the most skilled among her people.   She also learned to fight, mostly thanks to her brother Malachai. They would hide from their tutors in the gardens or out in the wilds, avoiding their lives of responsibility, duty, and war for just a short while. She begged him to teach her to use a bow and a sword from a very young age. He obliged her, at first for fun, but later seeing her quickly developing skill he took the lessons more seriously.   Sira now fights alongside her brother, using both her skill with a blade and her talent as a shaper to defend her people from the onslaught of the Drakhari.

Intellectual Characteristics

While Sira has the serious and cautious nature shared by many of her people, she also has a rebellious streak that manifests in spur-of-the-moment decisions that would make most Eldaren head's spin. She is prone as well to daydreaming, and often stares off into the distance wondering what it would be like to travel to the Mortal Realms and interact with the humans she has heard so much about, yet never seen.

Red, long and wavy
150 lbs

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