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The shadowdragon is a species of flower native to the forests of the Principality of Remaria. The plant is an ivy-like vine which grows across the ground in beds of moss, where it can receive the most moisture possible. It is sensitive to sunlight, and is often found nestled under the base of large trees, in the crevices between roots, and beneath rocky outcroppings. The petals of the flower that grow on the vines are delicate, which is another reason it grows only in secluded spaces. Many have tried to cultivate the Shadowdragon under controlled conditions, but it almost always fails to survive outside of its native habitat. The central bulb of the flower and the leaves of the vine are highly toxic, so the plant has little threat to its existence from grazing animals.

Smoking the Dragon

The Bravani of the Remarian forests collect mature Shadowdragon flowers from the wild, carefully remove the petals from the toxic bulb, and dry them in ceramic smokers made especially for this purpose. The dried leaves are then ground and smoked in long-stem pipes for both recreational and spiritual purposes. To most, smoking the dragon merely leads to a sense of relaxation and slight euphoria. But, to those already sensitive to the energies of the faewylde inhaling the smoke unlocks certain potentials within their mind to connect to these energies. Many of the elder women of the clans use this to aid in predicting the weather, divining possible future events, and even communing with the denizens of the faewylde themselves.

Calico Jack by sunsetagain

Passion Flower by Wendy Hollander

Flora and Fauna

Flowering Plant  

Native Habitat

The Remarian Forest  

Agricultural Status


Cultivation Benefits

Depressant / Hallucinogenic Drug  

Common Uses

Religious / Spiritual Practices

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