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Hlalami Silk

In the hotter climes of Yem, Crastus, and even the Khestis desert, staying cool while protecting oneself from the blazing sun is a constant struggle. The nomadic peoples of the desert long ago discovered a plant from which they could spin fine fibers into a material that is lighter than traditional silk, yet blocks out the sun as well as any wool cloak might block out the bitter chill of the northern lands. In addition, the material is one of the strongest fibers ever cultivated.  

Have you ever tried to cut a Hlalami rope? It's like trying to saw through an iron chain with a stick.
The Hlalami plant is native to the desert and coastal regions of the western realms. It is a small bulbous cactus with a single bright blue flower atop the main body, and is surrounded by flat, round leaves that serve to collect what little rainfall occurs in the region. It is from these leaves that the hlalami silk is spun.   The leaves themselves can be cut quite easily, as the fibers are swollen with moisture and spread far apart. Once dried and spun into concentrated threads however, they are almost impossible to cut with any but the sharpest knife. Woven together to form a garment, they provide the wearer with one of the most durable and lightweight clothing options available in the world. The durability of the silk is so strong, in fact, that many warriors of the region forego any sort of metal armor in lieu of layers of halalami silk garments instead.

Hlalami Armor

It is not uncommon to see soldiers in Yem dressed all in silks, even when facing battle. Beneath the flowing robes and pantaloons, however, is a carefully crafted set of armor that rivals that of any eastern knight. Multiple layers of Hlalami silk are often stitched over a thicker padded vest and then laquered and left out in the sun to dry into a hardened breastplate that can even resist puncture from arrows fired at close range.

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