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Herds are completely optional and are player made!  

Herd Creation

  1. Get at least 4 other characters including your own to create a herd.  A herd can be any group, including but not limited to: friends, family, assassins, mercs, pirates, etc.,
  2. Decide on which area to call home in part of the Isles (far east, north, or far west). More areas will open up as the site progresses however!
  3. Depending on where your herd is based in, you can have a nobility sponsor your herd with additional shelter and protection in exchange for your herd to protect them. This is optional, it's completely up to you whether you want a sponsor or not.
  4. Decide on a herd name and other details provided in the form along with an image of free stock (i.e. unsplash.com) to act as a preview.

Herd Rules

  1. Those who join a herd must follow a herd's rules.  Joining rules, for some herds that initiate a strict/deadly lifestyle must be read carefully before your character joins.  This includes, must not limited to:  "If you wish to leave, your character will die."  
  2. When joining, an OOC agreement must be filled out stating you have read the herd rules for archive purposes.
  3. Forced joining is not allowed, a character must accept clearly.
  4. Allying up is very encouraged.
  5. In battles, someone must allow a herd to attack them in an OOC agreement of their first post.

Herd Activity

While staff won't govern require weekly activity, it's encouraged to have herds be active as possible.   When 2 months of straight inactivity passes, the next one in the ranks will become the new leader by default unless they bestow it to someone else. This will continue on until there is no one left and the herd group is deleted eventually.  

Herd Ranks

These can be substituted with words to refer to them instead as long as it's written which one is which in the herd information thread.  

Required Ranks

Additional ranks can be added onto these but none of these can be taken away since they're a core part of the herd.
  • Leader
  • Co-Leader
  • Lookout/Scout
  • Protector/Guard (can be magic user or not)
  • Foals/Young

Additional Ranks

  • Prisoner/Hostage
  • Caretaker (for foals/young)
  • Healer
  • Assassin
More can be added by suggestions!

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