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Twig Beasts

These bear like animals that are labeled simply as Twig Beasts that have come of use to the Ellavara in recent years. And even though they are regarded as work animals most of their owners and creators treat them as pets. For as far as personality goes, they are incredibly smart and loyal to their owners, very talkative but very suspicious and untrusting with strangers.

Basic Information


These beings can either be four legged or six legged. The four legged ones are used more for transport and general beasts of burden whereas the six legged ones are used for guarding and protection. Their torsos are thick and dense, what some may call barrel chested. Their legs are thick with woody "muscle" mass but they are still lean and flexible. Their leg structure resembles that of simple mortal anatomy but their feet and toes resemble that of a tree trunk where the foot has the appearance of a tree trunks base and the toes look like roots, each toe being different from the other. The have "fur" that are actually leaves that they shed more or less of depending on the season. They are decidious as well so when they have shed their coats they are more affected by the cold of Klaucius and Krynolst so they need to be kept warm and well watered. Underneath the leaf coats some of the Twig Beasts have thorns and brambles and the ones that have these characteristics are more used for guarding. But that is not to say that the guard beasts cannot also have the capabilities of pack animals. They also have a speed of two miles per hour and the top speed of four miles per hour.

Genetics and Reproduction

They don't reproduce with each other sexually, for they are reproduced by an Ellavarian Klacius mage, which is quite a feat in of itself for the rarity of the mage and the uniqueness of the materials.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth rate is instantaneous once they are created so from conjuration they are considered full grown.

Ecology and Habitats

The Twig Beasts flourish naturally in the Ellavarian habitat and no one one is sure if these beasts can survive in Thaydor or Telka.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They need clean water and lots of it. One beast can drink about thirty to forty gallons of water a day. They also need plenty of moonlight to maintain a positive mood.

Biological Cycle

These beasts can live to be about fifteen to twenty-five years old depending on the usage of the animal.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They are very bear like in the face and they communicate with grumbles and rumbles, some people report this behavior as cute. They also have a scent like fresh cut wood and grass and in the time of Klaucius they have the plesant scent of decaying leaves.

Average Intelligence

Very smart and have a great memory.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have the same hearing capabilities as a dog would have.
15-25 years
Average Height
Standing upright (on their hind-legs) they are about ten feet tall and when they are standing on all of their legs they are about five feet.
Average Weight
Unburdened they weigh a few hundred pounds, burdened they can weigh about six hundred.

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