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On the boarder between Felformia and Usoari, Nekha has very blurry lines and often the distinction between it and the region of Usoari is made strictly by who is present in town.


The denizens of Nekha/Pongar are extremely fluid, flowing easily between those of Felformia and those of Usoari. The most common inhabitants are cats that are too thickly coated to live in the primary cities of Felformia, raccoons, and a few of the larger prey animals when they long for the dryer forests at the top of Felformia.


There isn't much of a formal government. Power fluctuates between a family of bobcats and a family of lynx depending on who is close enough at hand to be contacted and they mostly only care about the laws of the queen.


Nekha is little more than a few sparce shelters pieced together by the various inhabitants as they needed or wanted. Mostly made of wood, earth, and growing things, it is not uncommon for those unfamiliar with Nekha to pass by a shelther without ever knowing it was there.

Natural Resources

There is a particular species of tree that regrows readily, produces strong hardwoods, and a bark that can be used for medicinal and magical purposes.
Alternative Name(s)
Large town
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