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Ba Hao

Ba Hao is a fairly peaceful little village. It is where most of the bears choose to raise cubs, the forest is relatively safe and provides plenty of places to play without getting hurt.


Mostly bears live in Ba Hao, though there are a fair amount of raccoons, beavers, and other stocky Usoari animals.


Like most cities in Usoari, there really is no government. Most denizens live peacefully and if a disagreement cannot be solved between the concerned parties, they will bring their grievances to either the oldest bear in Ba Hao or find a traveling family of cats to consult the Laws of Nymez or have a totally neutral party settle the matter.


Due to the thickly wooded nature of Ba Hao, most of the buildings are built by weaving thin reeds and woody grasses together using the trees as structural support.


An eclectic mix of soft wooded, fast growing trees, reedy grasses, and bamboo

Natural Resources

Soft woods and bamboo which can be easily molded for building materials and strong corded ropes.
Location under

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