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Iskaria is in it's third, and possibly final age. A world constantly beset by turmoil in the first age, it was brought to heel by the Overlord who ruled with an iron hand, a ruler who dominated most of the 2nd age.   It was near the end of the second age that a band of adventurers brought the overlord to his doom (at least that's how the bards tell it). What is certain is that they played a pivotal roll in how the age ended.   So begins the third age, the land was beginning to recover and trade had resumed when the forests began to grow with a terrible rapidity, nothing seemed to stop it and the surviving intelligent creatures had to band together to survive the encroachment. In doing so they created a vast metropolis known simply as "The City."   Surrounded by the ever creeping flora, held back by constant barrages of fire and magic; powered by something known only to the city elders, a captive population survives and attempts to thrive with only limited access to the world at large, for most live and die without seeing outside the walls.