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Fang Marsh

A swamp sandwiched in between The Fangs, the Fang Marsh is a bleak location isolated from much of the world. To reach this dreary place, one would have to travel through mountains controlled by any number of hostile factions like the Ironbelt Brothers or across Storm Lake, where if the weather doesn't prevent a safe voyage you have to watch out for a creature trying to capsize your vessel.


A low lying swamp, the Fang Marsh is created by rivers streaming down into it from the Fangs. Notorious for being tough to navigate due to the canopy of trees blocking most of the sky andterrain constantly shifting due to flooding waters, locals are usually the only folks who can go more than a couple miles from Boghome without getting utterly lost. Being surrounded by mountains on three sides, rainfall is nearly constant and small but powerful storms get shot out across Storm Lake.

Fauna & Flora

The variety of flora found here tends to be quite limited, but is extremely numerous and sometimes the canopy will even blot out the sky. Silver & red maple as well as black ash are the most common type of foliage to be found. However there are also a few plants you can easily find in the area that are extremely useful like-
  • Cattails: Unknown to unskilled survivalists, this unassuming plant has a myriad of uses that can help your chances of survival in this inhospitable place. You can use the plant as a poultice for insect bites and burns, the brown part of a cattail is very flammable and can be used as tinder for fire, and the greens can even be weaved together to make mats or the rudimentary shelter.
  • Reeds: Viewed as a weed by many, are commonaly used for thatching in roofs as well as instruments.
  • Bogberry: The most famous flora found here, bogberries are essential to the survival of everyone in the Fang Marsh. Also proving to be a lucrative industry, it wasn't uncommon for traders to bring these berries to places like Duzanteer, Plaza, and Tapli.
Alternative Name(s)
Soggy Grave (by Cavernborn)
Wetland / Swamp
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