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Ionope, a world brought to life by three powerful deities. Hala-Matroke, the one whom created the planet rich with underground minerals to which his siblings could work upon to create life from. Hana-Matroke, the one whom created the vast oceans. Finally Holo-Matroke, the one whom shaped the land to allow life to flurish. Together the three of them then filled the ocean with micro-organisms which evolved into the fish and creatures of the sea. Next they created animals for the land, which they watched evolve into the races they know today.   The first notable race to make it's way to become a civilization was a race of homosapiens otherwise known as humans. They didn't appear to have any prominent defensive features. However this didn't stop them from becoming a dominant race as they invented weaponary to aid their survival. As they were many it was clear that the humans began to evolve in different ways. True humans find a survivable area and begin to slowly drain the resources from the area until there's nothing left but they've slowly discovered new ways to stay put for longer durations of times by farming and livestock. They never stop advancing their techniques to hunt and survive.   Some stuck to the regular traditions of staying on the move an using the resources they found while returning to nature. From this kind of living their ears slowly began to get pointed, their sleeping became more trance like to allow them to use more of their time to explore and survive. In order to stay stealthy and hidden among the forrest they've become more lean which allowed them to move lightly and be less noticable.These humans eventually lost what it meant to be human and took upon a new name. Elves. When they did find a nice secluded area they began to form tents from broken off or dead branches, using vines or plant fibers to hold them together.   Another group of humans moved towards the mountains and caves and begun to make that their home. Mining out the precious metals in order to make weapons an trade goods only sending groups of people out to gather food and water. Over the years their skin grew thicker, they grew shorter but their muscles grew bulkier to make up for their consistant mining. They ditched their title of human and took pride in calling themselves dwarves. Harty and usually care free dwarves are always there to back each other up and are probably the most family oriented race that came to form a civilation.   Between the three most dominant races they struggled to see eye to eye, often trying to scam each other into getting a better deal. No real wars ever erupted though at times it was rumored that war was always on verge of happening. Due to the negativity it brought forth a new deity. Shalock Azael. A powerful devil with the intention of bringing chaos to the peaceful world of Ionope. His first creation was goblins, orcs, and ogres. Disgusting creatures with the intent of destruction, greed, and chaos. With the first real war on Ionope the three dominant races banded together putting thier differences aside to fight off the unruly forces.