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Myth of Creation


Before time, the seven gods of Albizia conducted a meeting. All sat around a table in the void and decided to go on a joint venture, split between the seven of them, to create a world. Each of the gods had created their planes before, but that was an individual effort; their worlds were also very boring. So a plan was drawn up, and each god was allowed to create creatures as they chose. So they created Albizia together, enjoying the diverse landscape and variety of creatures. Unfortunately, the gods were omnipotent and had no boundaries. Every time a god perceived a slight imperfection, the entire planet would shift and mold itself to the god's vision. This happened with each god, every second. It was chaos, and the powerful magical energies seeped into the world and threatened to break it apart. Soon Rokil, God of Law and Knowledge called a meeting and discussed what was to be done about Albizia. Amati, God of Light, argued for the destruction of the planet and that a new planet should be created. She was displeased with her creations, and wanted new ones. The other gods, however, liked the world and wanted to keep it. Rokil proposed that each god be given a day to perform any changes to the world they wanted. They may not alter what the previous gods had done. After deciding that Rokil would be the final god so as to set the conditions of the world into law, the gods drew straws and Nami, God of the Grave was first. Nami was a lazy god, and the least enthusiastic of the gods on this project. Nami only wished to collect the adventures of the creatures of Albizia. He gave the creatures a love of stories and established Shadowfell, a world he made to be a dim reflection of this world, that he may still see the enterprise and also commune with the dead. Amati was next, and she decided if she made the world miserable enough, the gods would side with her and destroy it, allowing her to come up with better creations. So she placed the sun in the sky, shining it so bright and hot it burned Albizia and caused the creatures of the world to cry out in suffering. Suko was next, and saw the suffering of all the creatures of the world. She placed the moon in the sky, taking a small piece of light from the sun, and created the night to allow a reprieve from the harsh light. She instilled a deep curiosity into the creatures of the world, that they may search for a way to outwit Amati. Tempest followed, and showed the creatures of the world how to join together and unite their strengths to fight Amati. He observed that the creatures of the world would need the drive to improve themselves if they were to survive Amati's trickery. Tempest placed inside every creature the urge for self-improvement, a drive for honor, and an urge to prove themselves. Mordin was by now thoroughly displeased with Amati. To the creatures of world, he gave inspiration and a want to understand the world around them. He raised up the mountains to reach the sun, and when he realized it wouldn't work, he cleared a cave under the mountains for the dwarves. He designed and built Dynarta, hoping at least his creations would survive. Malora had watched the other gods' days, and had planned her actions well. She drew clouds and storms into the sky, giving shade and cool rain to the world. She raised up trees that united and shaded the land. Malora took pity on the creatures of Albizia and wanted for them a sense of community. She gave the creatures a yearning for connection, to not be alone. Finally, Rokil placed into the creatures a desire to learn and a desire to discover the unknown. He declared the world untouchable by the creator's power and let go, allowing the world to take its course.

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