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Dracula Omoré

To the world, the name Dracula is synonymous with monster. To say his name is to call misfortune upon yourself. Those that serve him serve a great evil, and their souls are bound for the Nine Hells. He takes children from their homes to his lair, where they are never heard from again. He comes as a shadow in moonless nights, to feed on whomever he chooses. Nobles and peasants alike are nothing but food for his unending hunger. Dracula is unstoppable, only good fortune may keep him from your door.   In reality, Dracula is a kind soul who hates the things he's done and wishes to atone. Long ago, he traded away his future firstborn to save his life. His life was saved by becoming the first Vampire. Dracula is asexual, and never planned to have children. He continued his life mostly unaffected by his vampirism until his best friend, Mina Harker, was on the verge of death. In desperation, Dracula forced Mina to drink his blood; this turned Mina into a True Vampire, Dracula's "First born." She was snatched away and Dracula hasn't seen her since.   In the centuries that followed, Dracula turned many others in hopes of luring the being that took Mina away and trying to trade anything for her. After failures upon failures, Dracula went into a rage, killing hundreds and becoming the scourge of Abizil. Eventually he realized the error of his ways and resolved to destroy the corrupt vampires he had released upon the world.   One night, he came upon a ransacked village, much like his own. While searching the town, a young girl leapt out and tried to attack him. Dracula easily disarmed her and nearly killed her until he saw her eyes. Dracula saw she possessed that which he had lost long ago: a will to live.   And so Seras Victoria was the second to drink of his blood.

Current Location
Dracula's Castle
Glowing red
Long, black
Skin Tone
Pale white

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