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A potionier needs to have basic knowledge in spellcasting and doing the Ritual of water. The potionier will often just need that so they often spendtime making thier shop look really good and making some really powerul potions. And of course a Potionier needs a Pass.

Career Progression

A potionier can get a higher pass by making three potions as best they can and sending them to proffesionals, the Pro's would judge the spellcasting, amount of spells, and also how well the effects actually work. Aka if their are any side effects or if it doesn't last very long.

Payment & Reimbursement

Potioniers often make good money, as many people like using potions to help with many things. Unlike Charms Potions are one use but they are ussualy much more powerful and cannot be sabatoged after you drink it.



Potioniers help many people to get their jobs done more efficently and quiker. They can also help quite a bit with defending from all sorts of things. Just like other things (Charms, Forged materials, etc...) Potions arn't needed, just pretty helpful.



Potioniers often work either, at home, in a shop, or sometimes underground. It all depends on whether or not the Potionier works solo and what the Potionier prefers.

Dangers & Hazards

There are plenty of hazards, as with pretty much anything magical. One is if you do the wrong spell, the next person to drink that potino will most likely die. (Of course just incaase Potioniers alos sell potions that will cancell all other potions in effect.) Lets just say you accidentaly drink a summon fire spell... Yeah, not pleasent.

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