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Material Characteristics

The chalk is White and ussualy shaped like a short pencil. it is rough and surpisinlgy strong.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The chalk is just like normal chalk and will leave traces of it on the ground when pressed firmly to it.

Geology & Geography

This chalk is actually considered to be an Artifact becouse it has a spell tied to it. It's really just normal chalk but a Crafter Placed Spells on it so that it will work with Rituals.

Life & Expiration

The chalk will last a very long time unless it gets wet or somehow destroyed.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The Chalk is usd mostly by Ritualist becouse without it Rituals would quite a bit harder and nearly inmpossible to perform with ease.
It doesn't seem to have any smell.
It seems to taste a little like paper, so pretty much no taste.
Usually White, but It can come in any colors.

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