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Infiniya, the land of Myth and Monsters. It is the Nexus point of all the realms, where beings of all kinds call home. From the sapphire blue seas of Madyns to the dense jungle of Uruvu, the land is filled with rich cultures, each unique to the different peoples of the realm. The Northern Countries are located in a vast, volcanic desert that has many hot springs-a popular tourist spot- with great wealthy cities. It is controlled by the Northern Coalition, representing the various indigenous peoples and tribes. The Capitol of the North is in the Volcanic City, the shining jewel of the North. It is known for the Fyre Festival, a festival honoring the goddess of the city, Flamonia. The Eastern Countries are located in a deep forest, full of all kinds of magical creatures. From tribbles to Manotaurs, the forests should not be entered without a guide. The Eastern Capitol of Madyns lies beside the sea, built only with permission from the Mermaids who live off the Eastern coast. Famous for their glassblowers and jewlers, the East is the best place for an artistic soul. The Southern Countries are locked in an eternal winter, due to the Mad Queen Lilikum's tyrannical reign. As a result, many festivals are held in order to attempt to appease Bati, Goddess of Indulgence and Madness. The western Countries are located in a massive white sand desert, home to albino sand worms. The Capitol of Wyndhaven is hidden deep within a deep jungle, only accessed if you need to find it.