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Indigo Star


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Political strife, racial descrimination, coups de'atas, annexing, and wars. But most importantly, a band of misfit heroes just trying to stay alive.   But man, there are so many things wrong with this group of kingdoms that inhabit the Up North.   Silosilania has just come out of a golden age, and the new king in power disagrees with the majority of the changes the previous monarchy made. Instead of focusing on the inside workings of the kingdom, he focuses on the outside. He starts annexing his neighbours and forcing the captured people to serve in his army. This has caused major issues for the neighbouring kingdoms and thus those kingdoms do not like Silosilania anymore.   Meanwhile, the Elven kingdoms, Fernia, Ameridel and Escalos are dealing with their own problems: A huge underground bandit gang that jumps merchants and state officials on the road in attempts to steal their things and make huge profit for themselves instead of giving them to the state to fuel funds for safer roads and better construction.   Not to mention the giant Government problems Xeclic Ziscra and Venescal have. It's a miracle they haven't completely colllapsed or gotten annexed yet.   But the one thing that people always forget, is that theres a secret mercenary group in control of many smaller guilds. Hell bent on taking over each kingdom's government.

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