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Tucked away a few miles off the Triboar Trail is the small hamlet of Phandalin. Once a much larger village, it seems to be in a state of recovery, with several new buildings built on top of old ruins.   Phandalin is seeing a resurgence in wealth as hopeful prospectors look to strike gold in the nearby hills. Its farmers produce a comfortable surplus of food for the town, with several merchants, including the venerable Lionshields of Yartar, distributing the excess and bringing in necessities from trade routes. The town is mostly self-sufficient, with its own stables, woodworker, two taverns, and a smithy.   Unlike many towns in the human kingdoms, Phandalin is relatively racially diverse. The mines in the area are popular draws for enterprising humans and dwarves seeking their fortunes with the riches of the earth. In addition, Phandalin's excellent soil and frequent rainfall make it a good place for human and halfling farmers to make their steads.


Racial breakdown: 40% human, 25% dwarf, 25% halfling, 10% half/elf


Phandalin is run by an elected Town Master, who serves a term of two years before someone else is elected. The current Town Master is a banker named Harbin Wester.

Owning Organization
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