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Based around the premise of "what if the Greek pantheon were all genderbent," Imas has become a world that inversely reflects Earth's ancient history in many ways. A series of islands set in a sea, Imas confronts tropes from ancient mythology by putting an interesting spin on them. With a focus on diverse representation and addressing a lot of the Euro-centrism surrounding our preconceptions about the ancient world, almost every springs from that initial "what if the opposite was true" mindset.   The story goes that in the beginning, there was everything. Bright, chaotic, and ever churning, this swirling maelstrom contained every living being, every action, and every past and future. It was pure, raw potential.   From the confusion arose consciousness: a singular entity who began to first organize its thoughts and then itself. This was Kenotia, who was Space and Being personified. She formed six eggs, and from those eggs were hatched the first beings: Adelphi, Alazo, Kyria, Mitergis, Rania, and Tavros.   Kenotia and her children set about ordering the world of Imas, but a disagreement soon brewed. Kenotia wanted order, perfection. Everything in its place and a place for everything, for she worried what would happen if it was all not kept just so. Rania, her eldest daughter disagreed, believing that balance should give way to creativity, and that while order must be upheld, allowances should be made and afforded.   The disagreement turned into an argument, and the argument turned into a fight.   And the fight led to a war.   Led by Rania, the six children fought against the forces of order, eventually defeating Kenotia with cunning, ingenuity, and surprise. It was Rania who struck the killing blow against her mother, and the six children wept as they consumed her.   It has been the whole breadth of time and space since that event. Few speak of it in this age. Most folk concern themselves with making a living on the archipelago of Nisia.   The human city-states of the Great Sea peacefully coexist with one another, with war being a rare and disastrous thing. High above the Great Sea float the colonies of the aarakocra, whom Kyria - goddess of the ocean - saw fit to give the gift of flight. Below the earth span the great tunnels of the dwarves, who toil to connect all islands with one another and seek out Adelphi's deathly riches.   The greatest threat to peace in Imas is the return of elves. Blood-bound favorites of the goddess of war, Katara, their presence is of great worry to all. Will there be another Great Bleeding? What threat do the elvish navies actually pose? And what is the reason for their return?   Much is unknown, and much more has yet to be revealed. The fate of Imas rests in the hands of heroes bold enough to discover the answers and find hidden truths.