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Mor (Full name is Morgayne) is the main protagonist in the initial story set in Illamyr. She is found in the Devil's Hollow, a forest that is considered dark and cursed by the local villagers, due to the yew trees gnarled and deadly, growing right on the edge of the Barrier. She appeared to be an elf, but there is something different about Mor. Her eyes are an electric violet, from certain angles the colors seem to shift and move like storm clouds. This has led her to earn the fear and disdain of most villagers just for being so different. The most superstitious villagers believe her to be cursed, part demon, or something from the veil itself. When she was brought into the village, the elders at the Temple of the Blessed pushed for her to be put back where she was found. Her fate left to the wild nature of the Devil's Hollow, the elements, and the creatures of the veil itself. It was a death sentence. Leyani, a local villager who was alive before the Barrier was even created, condemned the hateful nature of the Temple elders. She took in Mor as her ward, as she never had children of her own, earning her the scorn of the Elders and villagers.   As Mor grows, there are small yet undeniably powerful bursts of magic released during tantrums in her childhood years that leave Leyani questioning Mor's true lineage. It is powerful, old magic that has not existed since the Great War. Mor is also found speaking to the shadows, wandering away into the Devil's Wood to find comfort in the death eater trees. The superstitious nature of the villagers did not take well to her independent streak, her strange connection to the places they considered "cursed", and the way she would fight the Temple of the Blessed at any and every turn. By the time Mor came of age, she was craving an escape from the village. Something was calling to her, an ache in her veins saying that there was something waiting for her beyond this village. Mor began venturing into the Devil's Wood, the place where she was found as a babe, looking for meaning. For an understanding of where she really came from.   In that wood is where she met Bastian, the son of the village apothecary owners. The only family who, while cautious, never treated Mor like a curse the way others did. Bastian was hunting in the wood and almost shot an arrow through Mor if she had not somehow known to jump back. While most people would have been angry, vengeful, at the brush with death... Mor just laughed. Bastian was abrasive, angry that Mor had apparently cost him the kill of a large buck. Thus a friendship was born after an almost murder, a screaming match, and a shared lunch.   Through Mor's friendship with Bastian, she is introduced to Theodosia (Bastian's sister). What is initially an awkward exchange between two very different people becomes a blossoming romance. Theodosia sees things in Mor that no one else sees, accepting even the most jagged edges of Mor's personality. They are opposites in almost every way, even down to the way they look. Mor is the darkness, the harsh cold of winter, the anger and wildness of a feral animal. Theodosia is nothing but light, warmth, and joy. After a hunting accident beyond the barrier that leaves Mor with a gruesome wound risking her eye, Theodosia heals her leaving only a delicate scar from Mor's left brow down to her cheekbone. In those tender moments, while Mor is at the mercy of Theodosia's healing, the two find that they have more in common than anyone would know. Theodosia believes in unity, criticizing the Order of the Blessed for using their ideal of "purity" to create more barriers than just the one to the north. She shares her belief that in order to have the light everyone is so desperate for, they must also embrace the darkness. For the dark of night brings the beauty of the stars. As Mor's wound is completely healed, she also finds that her heart is also healed. She has found someone who sees her, who accepts her, and who even seems to love the parts of her that the rest of the village condemns her for.    Years pass, the two unlikely companions slowly turn into friends and eventually lovers. Mor is hesitant about what the villagers will think, what will happen to Theodosia when the Order of the Blessed finds out about their blossoming love. Theodosia, of course, rebukes them vocally at every turn. Any god who chooses to condemn someone just for choosing love is not a god she wishes to follow. When the villagers finally uncover the true nature of the unity as well as Theodosia's intention to be wed, the Order of the Blessed call the pair into the center of the village for a public decree. If Mor and Theodosia continue with the "bastardization of a holy union" they will be met with condemnation, an unspoken threat woven into their words. Mor tries to end things, to save Theodosia from the fate Mor was born into. Theodosia, of course, ignored Mor's attempts and convinces her that the Order of the Blessed are nothing more than empty threats, proselytizing, and fear-mongering.      Powers: Mor's powers are directly fueled by the veil, by the magic of creation itself. Mor (and those around her) initially has no idea what powers she holds, with even the outbursts as a child being faded from her memory. She feels things coming from the yew trees in the Devil's Hollow, like emotions that don't truly belong to her yet reside in her body. The hum of electric energy flowed through her body as if she was a conduit. She feels that same energy in the old graveyard on the edge of the village. Shadows seem to move and greet her as she passes by. When the true potential of her power is unleashed, she is able to control the shadows and move through them. See the spirits that exist beyond the mortal plane, even able to communicate with the dead. She can choke the life out of her surroundings, restoring it with the same ease. Mor is also able to shapeshift, changing her form into anything she can imagine. Later in the saga, Mor is able to speak to the shades (remnants of the Vrojidran and other creatures that were banished to the veil), and eventually the gods themselves.   Rekyr, her raven familiar, has a connection and form of communication beyond audible words. Able to show Mor the things he sees, traveling between the planes, the veil, and mortal realm as a small puff of smoke. Mor can also seem to change his form, but not in such dramatic ways.

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4 Feb, 2022 07:20

This is such a great start to Mor's story! I'm so excited to learn more <3