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1028 AST

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Igimas, the land of the gods of Greece. They expanded and spread their influence over the continent, as well as their power. Much of their domain is filled with danger and unwanted monstrosities.   There is a lot of conflict, but just as much progress. Kingdoms and city-states are plenty in this land, with Athens and Sparta being the biggest and most influential.   There are lands beyond the reach of the gods of Olympus, where other Pantheons rule. Lands with many more gods, some of which have died, grown weak or been completely forgotten about.   But the biggest threat they face is within their own lands. A cursed space created by a war waged between Gods and Titans along with the aid of mortals and other creatures from different planes.   People worship their gods, people fear their gods, people love their gods and people try to use their gods.   A city that has been one of the greatest sights of progress is our scene. In Athens we begin.

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