Years of digging through old maps and dusty tomes, Matius Vetranio believed he found the answer to the Empire's problems. With the approval of the Senate, he gathered the strongest Bulls he could. The expedition took them to the Qordishi Jungle. Word was given to the local tribes of Tlacolotl people that they came in passing. The journey took three long weeks.   Matius found the great step pyramid in a clearing. The buildings surrounding it were completely ruined. Matius adjusted his glasses with his trunk. It was a beautiful sight. The soldiers he brought along did not react to the location, the meaning and beauty of it lost on them. It was just another ruined place to them.   Matius ran a hand on a dusty inscription at the base of the great pyramid. He could confirm that this was the great resting place of Celle's Staff. With it's power he could raise the Oronian Empire to height's no empire had before. He started to climb the steps of the pyramid. Soldiers followed closely behind.   Getting halfway up the steps, they heard thunderous footsteps from the top of the pyramid where a great temple sat. The body of a lion with a human face stepped out from the temple. It spread its wings wide, covering the door. Matius and his soldiers froze in place. The mighty Androsphinx stood in their way.   "What do you desire with this place, outsiders?" Its voice boomed across the clearing without its mouth moving an inch.   Matius cleared his throat. "I am here seeking the Staff of Celle."   "You must prove yourselves worthy. To fail means death. Choose carefully."   "Fair enough," one soldier said, "Attack!"   Matius stood in front of them, "No, wait!"   But they ignored him and charged. A bolt of flame lashed out at the Sphinx. A puff of smoke and the Sphinx was completely unscathed. The soldiers ran up the steps. With a wave of its wing, a gust of wind burst forth from the Sphinx. The six soldiers that accompanied Matius started aging rapidly. They continued to advance in time until they turned to dust. The only evidence they were there were the screams that were carried on the wind. Matius stood in horror.   "They were foolish. Do you wish to prove yourself worthy? Or will you turn back before death can claim you?"   "I-I wish to prove myself worthy."   "Very well. The first trial is a challenge of wit. Answer my riddle and you pass the first test."   "How many tests are there?"   "Three. Are you prepared for your riddle?"   Matius shook his head.   "Very well. What speaks in all languages in his riding, and his mouth spits the poison of life or death? It is silent when it rests, and is deaf like a boy or one of the poor."   Matius thought on the riddle. He broke apart every piece of it to figure out what the Sphinx was asking for. He wracked his brain for everything it could be.   "Do you have an answer?"   Matius panicked. "A Snake!"   The Sphinx frowned. "Incorrect." It waved its wing. Matius felt his skin become frail and his muscles weak. He looked at his hands and saw them become wrinkled and old. As his body began to wither, he felt very tired. Matius closed his eyes one last time.   The Sphinx folded its wings. "Another unworthy." It re-entered the temple to wait for one who was worthy.

Basic Information


A Sphinx has the body of a lion, the head of a human, and wings of an eagle.

Biological Traits

A Sphinx has the ability to turn into solid stone to disguise themselves. Casting magic on a Sphinx that is stone will immediately activate them and canceling the spell. In general, they are immune to spells that are 5th level or lower.   A Sphinx has the ability to move creatures through time for a limited amount of time before they are returned to their original timeline.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sphinx do not reproduce. They are products of the Goddess Werno.

Ecology and Habitats

Sphinx live in remote locations, protecting areas of extreme importance.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sphinx do not sleep or eat. However they do like to drink wine, but they do not require it.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

It's said that the feature of a Sphinx is an ingredient in the magic items that control time.

Average Intelligence

They are considered hyper-intelligent beings.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Every Sphinx has the ability to look through illusions and in the dark. It is also said that they have the ability to see several days in the future and into the past.

Civilization and Culture


In Werno's gaze, she saw a great number of disasters to bring about the end of the world. In order to prevent these, she molded numerous creatures from stone. These were the Sphinx. Each was tasked with protecting artifacts and locations that left unchecked could destroy the world. They were permitted in their limited vision to grant certain individuals to these locations or artifacts with the promise that they would be protected after their use.
Average Physique
Every Sphinx is incredibly strong and tough.

Cover image: Consecrated Sphinx by Lius Lasahido
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