Skiak Dashing Spider

Darul masked his face from an incoming gust of wind. Sand blasted his thick, grey arm. His trunk was tucked under the cloak he wore. He wandered the desert as part of his Musth. Until his first response to meeting a living creature is not to try and trample it, he is forced to wander and get out his aggression.   The desert isn't exactly where he wanted to be, but after stealing from a caravan it was the only direction he had to go. He'd have to find his way back soon, he was hungry and pissed off. The desert only had so much to eat.   Darul felt a sting in his shoulder. He reached back and felt the shaft of an arrow sticking out of him. He turned to see where it came from. Behind him, riding on a massive thin spider was a Sand Elf holding a bow. Darul pull out his battleax when the Sand Elf unleashed a second shot.   It bounced off Darul's battleax and he charged. The spider's legs started to move. With incredible speed, the Skiak Dasher was behind Darul. It lunged at him, but the Sand Elf pulled back on it and shouted at the spider in the Sand Elf tongue. Darul took the time to swing at the spider.   It lept backward, dodging the strike. The Sand Elf fired another arrow at Darul. This one landed true. Darul started to feel light-headed. Odd, it was just a few puny arrows. He yanked the arrow out. Now it made sense. The arrows were poisoned. Darul collapsed into unconsiousness.   Darul found himself at the edge of the desert, a webbing covered his legs. He thrashed, releasing himself from the web. He was furious, the damned sand elf refused to fight him mano-e-mano. Standing up he heard the sloshing of a waterskin fall from his chest. Darul looked down, and chugged its contents. He didn't think until after he drained the waterskin that it could have been poisoned. If he saw that elf and his spider he was gonna have to kill them both.

Basic Information


The Skiak Dashers are structured exactly like most spiders with an exoskeleton, 8 legs, and 8 eyes. The primary difference is that their legs are significantly longer than most for increased reach and speed.

Genetics and Reproduction

Skiak Dashers lay eggs in the corpse of a creature to shield them from the sun. Once hatched the infant Dashers consume the corpse to get sustenance.

Growth Rate & Stages

As Skiak Dashers grow they molt their exoskeleton.

Ecology and Habitats

Skiak Dashers require large open spaces. This makes the deserts of Skiak Trya perfect for them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Skiak Dashers eat meat. This can be other large insects to livestock and even people. It hunts its prey by its swift silent movements and potent venom. It has silk that it uses to bind up corpses to liquefy the internal organs of the prey.

Additional Information


The Sand Elves have discovered a way to domesticate Skiak Dashers. This is a well kept secret. This has been the main reason the Oronians have struggled to combat the Sand Elves.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The venom from a Skiak Dasher is incredibly potent, making it a useful poison to coat weapons.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Skiak Dashers, as their name implies, are located only on Skiak Trya's inner desert.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Skiak Dashers have the ability to feel incredibly slight vibrations through earth.
100 years
Average Height
6ft standing
Average Weight
400 lbs
Average Length
Body - 6ft With Legs - 20 ft


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