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The cries of war echoes through Pandemonium. Those unfamiliar with this sound would be driven mad from the cries of slaughter. To Namza and her people, this was home. She charged across the Herqian Field of Swords. It was an ancient battlefield that the Seraphim and Demons had gained and lost control over countless times throughout the centuries. It was controlled now by the Seraphim.   Many ancient weapons were strewn across the battlefield. Namza walked across the scorched earth inspecting the rusting and broken swords. She was looking for metals that her tribe could reforge. Several felled Seraphim still rested where the Demons had killed them. Their metal was phenomenal for crafting armor and weapons, plus it never rusted. She dug through a fallen Seraphim with her lower arms, taking what scraps she could hold in the sack her upper arms held on her back. It looked like this was a fallen Oolarama. The numerous eyes on its broken rings were evidence of that.   Namza cried out in joy when she found the Oolarama's central eye, the Oolacrystalli. With this the shamans could make a staff of warding, giving them protection from the demons who would regularly hide with magics. A booming voice echoed from behind her.   "HALT. STATE YOUR BUSINESS."   Namza turned around to see a floating Seraphim. It had two concentric rings that rotated around an Oolacrystalli with blades rotating around it. She could not see where it faced, but she felt it looking at her. She felt it shift its focus to the Oolacrystalli she held in her hand.   "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A CRYSTALLI?" it boomed at her.   She knew they didn't like people harvesting their fallen. They may have been like machines, but they seemed to care about desecrating their corpses.   "Um, I was returning it," Namza said. She placed the Oolacrystalli back on the ground.   "LIES! I CAN SEE THE REMAINS YOU HOLD"   The Oolacrystalli in the Seraphim glowed. Namza felt her muscles weaken. Her lower arms fell to her knees to try and keep her standing, but she couldn't stop the bag she carried to fall to the ground. Of the blades surrounding the Seraphim, another materialized. She reached for a pouch on her side and another hand went for her greatsword.   "HOW DO YOU PLEAD?"   Namza pulled a potion out of her pouch and downed it. "Not guilty."   The Seraphim flew directly at her, the blades increasing in speed rotating around the rings. Namza felt her strength return. Pulling her greatsword out, she lunged forward with the point toward the Seraphim. The length of her blade was just longer than the Seraphim's blades reached. Her blade pierced the Oolacrystalli, causing the Seraphim to stop and collapse to the ground. Well, at least Namza would come back with two Oolacrystalli.

Basic Information


An Oolapali's two concentric rotating rings surround a perfectly spherical crystal. Hovering around the rings is an array of double-edged swords.

Biological Traits

While an Oolapali has an incredibly durable body (which can improve in the presence of an Oolaspida) their main ability is to drain the strength of the fighters they come up against.

Genetics and Reproduction

Oolapali like all Seraphim do not reproduce sexually. When they die, their essence is returned to an Oolagenisi to be reformed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An Oolapali does not need to eat or sleep.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The death of an Oolapali results in a pile of Oolamateria, an Oolacrystalli, and numerous swords made of the Oolamateria.   The Oolacrystalli effects differ depending on the type of Seraphim they come from. From an Oolapali, the power of their Oolacrystalli when put into a potion can counteract the effects of an Oolapali's strength draining ability.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Oolapali have only been seen on the plane of Pandemonium.

Average Intelligence

Alone they have primitive intelligence. As they group up their intelligence improves, allowing them create coordinated attacks and strategies. When an Oolanikos is within 100 ft, they gain genius-level intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Oolapali have darkvision when they are alone. When an Oolarama is within 100 ft of it, it gains the ability to see magic.

Civilization and Culture


The Oolapali are a part of the Oolastratos heirarchy of Seraphim. They are the bulk of the Seraphim that fight on the plane of Pandemonium fighting the armies of the Demons . They are without name and fight with a singular purpose.

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