The reports had come in, there was a terrible accident in the lower sections of the Flintfall mine. Several miners reported to hear an explosion followed by collapsing rock. The explosion knocked out their elevator to that section so several of the dwarves down there had been trapped or killed. It was Aggom and Fovael's job to get down there and see what happened.   Using a manual pulley system, the two lowered themselves down to the lower levels of the mine. The damage was substantial. Numerous tunnels had completely collapsed blocking access to certain sections. They would have to get excavation equipment down here to dig anyone out. One hole stood out to the twins, blasted away by a blasting crystal, revealing a natural subterranean cave.   What stumped Aggom was the complete lack of bodies. They found traces of blood, especially near the blasting spot, but not a single corpse or even pieces of a corpse. Something had to have taken them, and the only answers the two would get would be to explore the cave.   The two descended, light crystals in hand. The twins knew of the various dangers that live underground, they had the magic to escape quickly. The cave echoed with their footsteps. As Fovael turned a corner in the cave, he froze.   "What's wrong?" Aggom asked. He followed Fovael's line of sight. On the cave floor, they saw the body of a dwarf. Sprouting out of it were an uncountable number of mushrooms. As they gazed about the cave, they saw more mushrooms growing over the cave. Aggom and Fovael saw more dwarves covered in mushrooms.   Fovael started to walk deeper in when Aggom stopped him. "What are you doing?"   "We need to see if there are any survivors."   Aggom release Fovael and hesitantly followed. The deeper they went the larger the mushrooms. They didn't make it far when one of the dwarf corpses started convulsing. Aggom spun at the commotion of it. The corpse stood up and started walking toward the pair. Fovael released a bolt of flame at the corpse. As the fire burned numerous other bodies started to move.   Aggom heard a sound from behind them. One of the large mushrooms started to stand. Two beady holes on its stalk seem to look at them. With a puff, Aggom and Fovael were covered in spores. Aggom felt them enter his nose and he lost consciousness.
Aggom awoke in the debris-filled mine that they had entered the subterranean cave from. Fovael was sitting near him eating a ration.   "What happened?" Aggom asked.   "Ah. You got hit with the Musirian's mind spores. I did too but they didn't manage to take me over."   "Musirians? Thats what they were? Oh thank goodness."   "Agreed, if they were Spore Crawlers we would've been dead. I should have been more careful when I attacked the zombie."   "So what now? Should we try to get the corpses back?"   "No. Let's report what we found. If it were anything other than Musirians I'd say to go get them. Let's leave them in peace."

Basic Information


Musirians are bipedal, however, their limbs are thicker giving them the appearance of being the stem of a mushroom. The top of their heads have a cap similar to a mushroom. Internally they do not have a skeletal structure.

Biological Traits

Musirians are capable of releasing various kinds of spores. Their most common sports are reanimation spores which are capable of animating corpses. This is how they move bodies to their colonies for consumption, but sometimes use these for self-defense. Another spore is the mind-control spore. These are used on living creatures to give the Musirians a way to control them. More commonly they will use these spore when threatened to cause the creature to turn away or to fight for them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Musirians reproduce through the distribution of spores.

Growth Rate & Stages

As a Musirian eat it gets bigger. There is no limit to the size a Musirian can grow.

Ecology and Habitats

Musirians live in damp locations, usually underground.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Musirians eat any dead creatures or plants. They do not kill other creatures, but scavenge already dead corpses.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The various spores of a Musirian, when made into potions, are used to counteract mind-altering spells and abilities.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have the ability to see in the dark, however, they also have the ability to sense through the touching of any spores that are linked to their colony. Musirians are psionic creatures and communicate telepathically.


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