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Kjot Hatid

Iqniq was lost. There was no question about it, but he didn't recognize this section of the forest. The red Is trees made the snow glow a pink in the setting sun. Iqniq's tribe had been traveling to their spring lands. While out hunting he fell down a steep slope and hit his head. He had no idea how long he had been knocked out for. Iqniq was furious with his lack of strength. He should have been able to take a hit like that without issue. After all, Yukone had taken harder hits.   Iqniq was not worried, however. He was determined to make his way back to the tribe and prove that even in his mistake that he was strong. For tonight he would need to get a fire going. While the sun was still above the horizon he collected some firewood. The Is Tree was tough, and hard to light, but Iqniq had been trained as a child how to light it.   The sun disappeared behind the Teeth of Vatn and Iqniq had a fire roaring. Warming himself, his stomach started to growl. Iqniq ignored the growling. He would have to hunt in the morning. One night wouldn't kill him. He looked deep into the fire, thinking how shameful this was. An idea clicked to him. He stood and looked into the surrounding forest. It was hard to see through the trees, but if he could get to higher ground he could see if the tribe was nearby. To the north was a cliff, which towered over the forest.   Iqniq hiked to the cliff face. With no fear he climbed the cliff, eventually making it to the top. He looked out across the darkened forest. In the distance he could see the burning of a campfire. It was about a day out. Iqniq knew he couldn't make it that night, but getting up early he could catch up in about a day or two. Now with a direction, he looked back to his own fire. Climbing back down, Iqniq headed to the fire.   When he arrived at his campsite, the fire had extinguished. Iqniq thought that was strange, he'd given it plenty of fuel and he had just seen it blazing. Something felt wrong about the campsite. Even while on the cliff with the blistering wind the campsite felt colder. It was getting so cold that Iqniq start to head back to the cliff. That's when he heard something leap between trees in the direction he was moving.   He spun in the direction of the noise. The view of the cliff was all Iqniq caught. He hoped he was just hearing things. That hope was killed when he heard the same noise a second time, this time behind him. Iqniq also heard the scraping of claws on bark. He pulled out his bow and notched an arrow.   His grandmother told him stories of the Kjot Hatid, a beast born of the cold and lurked in the forests. A Himadra that succumbed to weakness of the mind, and ate their brothers or sisters. Iqniq thought they were stories to scare him from walking off the trail and to keep him strong, just fairy tales. That is what Iqniq told himself as he focused on the forest around him. He took a step backward to get a better view. The snow crunched beneath his foot.   It was silent. Iqniq looked higher, just in time to see a 10 foot tall beast leaping from the trees. He raised his bow and tried to release an arrow. It was too late. The beast landed on Iqniq, knocking him over. Iqniq felt the weight more forcefully as it broke most of his ribs. Its clawed feet dug into Iqniq's skin. The pain didn't burn, but froze. Glaring down at Iqniq was the stretched face of a HImadra. Its teeth were pointed and its eyes hallow sockets. The creature's skin was bluer than the Himadra's gray skin tone.   Iqniq couldn't cry out, as his lungs were crushed. It wouldn't help him, as the Kjot Hatid slashed his neck. Iqniq couldn't gasp for breath, the blood in his neck froze, blocking off his airflow. HIs vision went black as he passed out. He would never be seen again as the Kjot Hatid dragged Iqniq's frozen body away.

Basic Information


The Kjot Hatid is a larger specimen of the Himadra people. It is a bipedal creature with claws on both its feet and hands. The teeth are pointed and designed for ripping flesh with molars strong enough to crush bone. Its entire body causes the air around it to freeze.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kjot Hatids do not reproduce by normal means. The only way for a new Kjot Hatid to exist is a Himadra individual succumbing to cannibalism.

Ecology and Habitats

Kjot Hatids prefer snowy locale that matches its icy nature. In warmer climates, a Kjot Hatid becomes sluggish and easy to defeat.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Kjot Hatid is a carnivorous creature. It prefers Himadra. With its frozen attacks, it tends to keep its food cold in the storage of deep ice caves. It eats the meat raw and frozen.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The blood of a Kjot Hatid can be used for potions to cure freezer burn or poisons that freeze.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kjot Hatids have exceptional hearing and smell. They are also able to see in the dark and through thick snowstorms.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
10 ft


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