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Gigas Fruits

Sandberg's career as a privateer was coming to a close and he still didn't have the money to cure his wife. His crew had no confidence in his abilities, and he got wind of mutiny soon. He took the time to give them shore leave and for him to get a plan together. There was a lack of strength in his command, reflected by his lack of personal strength. Something needed to change.   That is why he reached out to Benjamin. There were many in dark taverns and street corners who spoke of Benjamin, a man who could give great power...for a price. Sandberg was prepared for this price, to save his career and to save his wife. He was meeting Benjamin behind a busy tavern and Benjamin was late.   A man in a cloak rounded the corner. "Sandberg?"   "Benjamin?" The cloaked man nodded. "I was told you could give me power."   "Indeed. You seek power to affirm your place as captain. This I can offer for a price."   "What is your price, and what power do you offer?"   Benjamin pulled a fruit from beneath his cloak. It looked like an apple, but with the rough shape of a skull. "Eat this, and no man or woman could kill you."   "What's the price?"   Benjamin cackled. "For you, free. But the fruit itself will ask a price. For this one, it will claim a life so you can live."   "Whose life will it claim?"   Benjamin shrugged. "I don't know."   This seemed almost too good to be true, but he didn't really have much of a choice. "If this goes badly for me, I will come after you," he said to Benjamin. He took the fruit in hand and took a bite.   It tasted horrific, like ash in his mouth. Gagging, he shoveled the remainder of the fruit into his mouth. A toothy grin stretched across the shaded face of Benjamin. Sandberg felt like throwing up but it soon passed. He rose to face Benjamin.   "What now?"   "You'll see." Benjamin slipped into the alley and disappeared from view. Sanberg felt over himself to figure out what was wrong with him. Nothing was out of place. He started to head back into the tavern. The mutiny would have to be the test to see what his new powers could do.   Before he could make it inside, he saw one of his crew sprinting toward him. It was Thomas, who he'd sent to check on his wife. "Captain! Your wife!"   "What is it? Spill it out!"   Thomas panted. "Sir, your wife is dead."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The magic contained in a Gigas fruit transforms the body of someone who devours the fruit. The powers that are granted to the user also cause them to lose something in turn. This can be anything from their vision to their ability to swim. Each type of fruit is unique but if a Gigas Fruit user consumes a second fruit they are killed.   When a Gigas Fruit user dies, the essence of the fruit leaves their body and finds a nearby fruit. This fruit then transforms into the Gigas Fruit awaiting a new user.


A once-mighty pirate asked for great power from Gigas, King of the Devils. At first, Gigas refused. When the pirate persisted, warning that he would storm Arcadia and take power from Gigas, Gigas laid him low, destroying his navy and abandoning him on an island. There Gigas granted him the first Gigas Fruit giving him incredible power and promising that many more would be created. If he consumed another he would perish and that eating the fruit would take something in return for its power. The pirate consumed the fruit anyway. He gained an amazing power. His words could sway any person who heard them. However, when he tried to leave the island a storm swept in and he sank, his ability to swim had been taken from him and he drowned. The fruit regrew on the island, the death of that mighty pirate a warning to those seeking too much power.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price
200,000 gp


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