After a few months of travel, Alcock and his crew finally made it across the Styss Ocean. They had been blown off course and trying to figure out where they landed. The fields told Alcock that they had landed in Fleaheil but they didn't know where on Fleaheil they made it. Alcock had heard of the great Equestra tribes. He was hoping they could find them to help point his crew in the right direction.   They set up camp for the night, singing stories from home and getting drunk. They hadn't been in an area as safe and open as this in a very long time. They enjoyed the peace. At least, they did until they heard the blaring of horns. Alcock's crew stopped their merrymaking. They looked to each other in confusion. Was it a warning? A declaration of attack? They looked to Alcock who wasn't sure himself. They were soon surrounded by the stamping of hooves.   The Equestra were here.   Many of Alcock's crew had never seen an Equestra before. They had all heard of them. Half-human, half-horse. They rode around the camp in a clockwise direction. Many were equipped with Lances, some with sabers. One was covered in Barding and approached Alcock and his crew.   "Who is the Xefe?" the barded Equestra demanded.   Alcock stepped forward. "It is I."   "What are you doing in these lands?"   "My crew and I got lost at sea. We were trying to find our way to Skiak Trya-"   "What business do you have with the Oronians ?!" The barded Equestra seemed upset by Alcock's declaration.   "We were simply an envoy, to establish trade routes."   "Allies of the Oronians are no allies of us!"   The Equestra's stopped circling and turned on Alcock and his men. It was a slaughter. Men were impaled on lances, others cut to ribbons. All 15 of Alcock's men, including Alcock, were killed. Not a single Equestra was killed.

Basic Information


Equestra have the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human.

Ecology and Habitats

Equestra's prefer to roam in open plains. Forests and dense jungles they purposefully avoid.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Equestra's largely eat breat, meat, and wine. Their anatomy makes it difficult to get low to the ground making them terrible at harvesting certain plants. Technology has made it possible for them to harvest some plants much easier.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Equestra's are a nomadic tribal people. Their territories can range for hundreds of miles. Conflicts between tribes of Equestra's often come about due to land disputes. Their tribes are a meritocracy, where the strongest and fastest becomes chief.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Equestra people live primarily on the continent of Fleaheil and the northern regions of Efrye and parts of Orcium.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Equestra's have normal vision.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

What is beautiful to the eyes of an Equestra is raw strength and speed regardless of gender. If you can prove yourself a worthy adversary you can win the heart of an Equestra.

Relationship Ideals

In a family, the strongest of the two parents is the hunter and the other raises the children and protects them.

Average Technological Level

Equestra's are not known for their architecture. However, in the technology of war they are quite advanced. Using their horse bodies, their armies are one of the most feared in all of the Material Plane. Their formations are swift and not prone to fear like some cavalry horses may be. They have mastered the art of Barding which they use only the mightiest of warriors (due to cost of materials and that they do not normally mine).

Common Dress Code

Overall, the textiles industry does not exist in Equestra society.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

There are a few challenges that Equestra's will issue. Each is meant to disbute an aspect of the challenged.
  • Marcha - A ritual race where the contestants must gallop to a point (a landmark usually), gallop around it, and back.
  • Xusto - Contestants both wield lances and a shield. The first one to draw blood wins.
  • Trazo - Contestants are hooked up to carts. This is a more dangerous version of Marcha.
  • Bosque - The most dangerous contest, the contestants must make their way through a forest to a designated spot as fast as they can.

Common Taboos

An Equestra would never stoop so low as to allow another humanoid to ride them. They see it as undignified. On very rare occasions will they accept a rider, but this is a bond between life-long friends.
80-100 years
Average Physique
On average, an Equestra is on the stronger side. They have amazing speed and power.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The colors of their body vary as widely as humans do and as widely as horses do.


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