Dragon Turtle Pirates

The salty air stung Gilbert's nose. Rays of the sun's light reflected off the brilliant waters of the Sea of Shards. He was happy to be away from the mainland of Neflia. Sitting in an office and filling out forms, balancing books, was driving Gilbert crazy. The sea was calm, and the journey was pleasant.   A cry came from the crow's nest. "Pirates portside!"   Bells began to ring and sailors rushed to their battle positions. Gilbert looked to the portside, there on the horizon was a ship of some kind. It didn't have a mast. In fact, it barely looked like a ship. Yet it bore a black flag, a symbol which Gilbert could not see from that distance. He was confused how without sails they were able to sail at all. Were they drifting this whole way?   The odd ship moved closer. The captain of the ship Gilbert resided on ordered for a fireball. Slung from the hands of the ship's wizard, a streak of fire flew through the air and erupted on the ship. With unnatural agility, the ship swerved toward the back of Gilbert's ship.   A loud snap echoed from the back of the ship. "I can't turn this ship!" the helmsman shouted. Pirates swarmed onto the ship. Sword fights broke out on the deck of Gilbert's ship. He swerved and dodged the whirling swords, trying to find any location of safety. He looked out to the pirate ship, which pulled up to the side of the ship. He was shocked to see no helm and no pirates on board.   The pirates soon turned the tide of battle, defeating a majority of the crew. The remainder were lined up. Each was asked a simple question. "Join, or drift." Gilbert chose to drift, as did so many others. The pirates pillaged the ship, dragging it all onto their ship. They pushed everyone who said drift onto the lifeboats. Once everyone was off, the pirates' ship lurched backward.   That's when Gilbert discovered that it wasn't a ship, but it was a Dragon Turtle. It erupted from the ocean and brought its front half on top of the ship. The splintering of the ship was earsplitting. A wave splashed over the edge of Gilbert's lifeboat. The pirates sailed away, with a ship full of loot and Gilbert drifting out at sea.


The Captain of the pirates does not, in fact, play the role of making decisions of where they go and who they raid. Instead, they play the role of commander of the other pirates since they do not have to sail. The captain does negotiate with Dirag on cuts of treasure and leave time.   All other roles are based purely on their role in combat.

Public Agenda

The Dragon Turtle Pirates sole motivation is monetary. They collect gold and valuables for themselves and for Dirag.


It's claimed that the Pirates have a secret base where Dirag keeps his horde and where the pirates keep their other assets. They keep this location for periods of time when Dirag need to spend extended periods of time underwater, which they remove a majority of their equipment off of Dirag.   While out raiding, they have an elaborate structure built on top of Dirag's shell. This structure is removable but not a simple task. Inside holds all of the crew's quarters, storage, and weapons. It has two docks for very small vessels.


From stories of former pirates, they say that the First Captain of Dirag's original ship was destroyed by Dirag. In order to not be killed, he offered his services to Dirag. In a moment of generosity, Dirag agreed with the great wisdom to bring on mortals to raid ships for him so that he would not have to sink the ships for their wealth.
Guild, Privateers
Alternative Names
Dirag's Privateers


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