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Isaac never liked the other children of the neighborhood. They were loud and obnoxious and mean. Why would he want to play with any of them? He was perfectly content to be by himself. There was plenty of enjoyment poking dead animals with a stick. Isaac's parents always wondered why he never got along with the other kids. Isaac knew he was different, and he preferred it that way.   One day Isaac returned from the neighborhood. A few of the older boys found him and beat him up. They said it was for being a weirdo and a creep. This wasn't the first time. When he returned home his parents were shocked. They asked him what happened. When he explained, all they could ask was what he did to make the kids think that way and that maybe he should try to be a bit more social. He hated them for that. Isaac started wishing that both of them would just keel over dead.   And that's what happened.   His mother's head rolled on the floor, blood squirting from the stump where her head used to rest. A look of shock was frozen on her face. Isaac's father turned and screamed. He ran for the ax he had to chop wood. Grabbing it, he rushed at the cloaked figure that had made its way into their home. Blood dripped from sword-long claws.   As his father slashed at the mysterious figure, he felt the ax dig into the cloaked figure. When he looked up, not a scratch was on it. That was the last thing his father saw before his head also rolled. The cloaked figure walked up to Isaac who wore a massive grin on his face. His parents always told him to smile.   The figure said nothing. It simply stood there, staring at Isaac. He could see that beneath the hood was a bare skull with beads of red light shining dimly where eyes should have been. The neck still had muscle, but with no skin to hide it. It stood there for several minutes.   "Tell me what you are," Isaac demanded.   The mouth on the figure opened and did not move to the words that came from it. "I am your servant, master."   Something else to follow him, Isaac thought. "Go kill yourself."   "To do that, I would have to kill you, master."   That made Isaac stop in his tracks. "Go away. I only want to see you when I call you."   When Isaac turned around, the figure was gone. There was a sigh of relief from Isaac as he went to bed. He'd never had such a good night's rest.   The next day, the guards were shocked to find three dead children. They had been torn to ribbons. People in the area only reported seeing a tall figure in a cloak with long claws.

Basic Information


A boneclaw is a skeletal humanoid with fingers that extend out several feet as razor-sharp claws. They range in appearance and size depending on who the original body belonged to.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A boneclaw does not require food, shelter, or sleep as it is an undead creature.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Boneclaws have the ability to see in the dark.

Civilization and Culture


Boneclaws are the failed attempts of beings that try to turn themselves into a Lich. If the process of binding their soul to a Phylactery is done incorrectly, they will become bonded to the closest creature on the same plane of existence that harbor a sense of hatred toward others. Their skin dissolves and their fingers become long claws. They lose their sense of self entirely, being an undying servant to the individual they are bonded to. They have the ability to appear and disappear at the master's wishes. When this happens they reside inside a pocket dimension located in the master's heart.   If a boneclaw is "killed" in battle it reforms after a few days inside the master where it will reappear and begin serving once again. The only way to permanently kill a boneclaw is to kill the master they are bonded to. This is the only time a boneclaw will act without the master's command to preserve itself.
The Lifespan of its Master


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