Iedar Tegon


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Meaning "water land", this world consists of multiple islands, each with its own customs and history that developed over time before sea travel was more prevalent. Now in a new era, Iedar Tegon has vast amounts of technology that was salvaged from the War of the Divine, but none of it seems to work quite as expected. Rife with danger, excitement and so many cultures, Iedar Tegon seems like a new world itself with every island you find.

Warring kingdoms are everywhere, trying to get technology from others and holding grudges from years past, it's quite easy to find yourself in the midst of a war...or even start one by accident. This wasn't always the case however, before the Great War trade prospered, knowledge and ideas were shared freely between kingdoms. Now Iedar Tegon is full of self-serving lands, protecting ones own above helping others. While still peaceful, the concept of inter-kingdom collaboration is all but lost.



Dungeons & Dragons 5e