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I regret my friends dying, but I'm not sure that I can regret entering the cave. What we now know about the world Below is their legacy.
— Urdaine
  Urdaine was born to a family of merchants in the settlement of Zarinth. As the oldest son, they expected him to take over the family business. He didn’t mind that prospect. However, the older he got the more annoyed his father and the other merchants got with him. His head was always up in the sky.   When traveling from one village to another, he would randomly stop the wagon just to draw a flower he found by the side of the road or hurry into the forest to check out a sound. This would make them late to markets and gallivanting around in the forests, away from the beaten paths, is dangerous.   At 19 Urdaine was exploring the cliffs below their settlement at the The Purple Mountain together with 3 of his friends. They found a cave they hadn't come across before and when they entered it they realized that they had found the entrance to The Bottom of the World. If they continued into the caves they would die. Because nobody else who had entered had ever returned. The guys argued, one of them returned home while Urdaine and his other two friends entered the cave system.   In the cave systems, they saw a lot of wonders. Urdaine had lots of parchment in his bag, and together with his friends he drew and wrote about what they saw. Until a creature attacked the three of them. Urdaine's friends pushed him into a small crevice. Protecting him while the creature killed them.   When the creature had moved on, Urdaine crawled out of the crevice. After a long moment of distress over his fallen friends, he gathered items from his friends to return to their families. He walked back through the caves he thought they had walked, but he had become lost. When he thought that he would die in these caves as well when he ran into a weird creature that would later be called Voidlings. This creature kept him company and he hid inside the creature whenever they ran into other creatures in the caves.   After walking around in the caves for a couple of weeks Urdaine and the voidling known as Poppy stepped into a large cave. In this cave Urdaine ran into a sapient species. They were violent towards him at first but he managed to befriend them and after having lived in the caves for over a year Urdain and Poppy returned to the Surface world where he was a briefly called a hero for surviving the dangerous cave system until his friend Poppy became much more known among the common people. Urdaine is still considered a hero among the scholars as he was the first person who returned alive from a place they had no information on.   The families of Urdaine's fallen friends thanked him for their items and they later praised him when he financed and led an expedition to retrieve the bodies of his friends. The families were happy to have the bodies of their child returned to them.  


Urdain's mother and father both came from a long line of merchants. He was the oldest out of 3 siblings. His two younger sisters were identical twins.  


Urdain had a lot of friends, but he never forgot the two friends who died for him. His best friend throughout his life was Poppy.  


He can read and write and was taught the ways of a merchant, instead, he became an author of several books and ended up as a scholar.  

Most important possession

His pencil.
8 BO 93 RO 101 years old
House / Order
The Dancing Quill House
Writing, reading, and drawing.
Poppies, the color purple, silk, and sweet food.
Salt food, people who can't have fun, rain, and longwinded books.
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Acts of service


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