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What are those orbs following people around? And why do I hear the word Poppy in reference to them all the time?
  Poppy is a Voidling and the pet of a famous person. The owner named his pet after his favorite flower.   The owner of this pet was the first person to survive entering the caverns of the mythical The Bottom of the World. The owner wrote several books on the subject but people still don’t remember his name. He has gotten outshone by the pet he brought back from his amazing adventure.  


Poppy had 132 children before disappearing in 93 RO. These children are now the ancestors of all the other voidlings.  


His best friend was his owner but he also spent time following after the owner's partner or their children. Poppy also enjoyed playing with his own children.  


Poppy can do a lot of tricks. Not only does Poppy seemingly understand what his owner says, but he also swallows and spits out exactly what his owner asks of him. Even when he is supposedly full.  

Most important possession

The owner's walking stick that he used when he was in the down below. It was the only object that the owner never managed to get Poppy to spit back out. It disappeared together with Poppy when the owner died. Scholars are arguing over what happens to the items that a voidling has swallowed when they disappear after their owner has died.  


Poppy was excitable and enjoyed going on adventures with his owner, when the owner became too old Poppy went on adventures with his children. Poppy was also very family-oriented and played a lot with all of his 132 children. Poppy was also very talkative, chirping to his owner at a couple of inopportune moments.
Favorite food
Poppy appeared to enjoy wood the most
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