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The Southern Monastery

This southern monastery founded by a former student of the northern monastery. This monastery was born out of a need for a more personal connection to oneself and the world around them, able to adapt when needed.


Grand-master: Is responsible for leading the monastery in mass meditation as well as training and decide if action is needed to protect the land.

Masters: Take on a personal apprentices (students) and personally train and guide them. They also console the Grand-master.
Acolytes: Those who focus more on the spiritual side of the Way of the Open Hand. The Grand-master will almost never make a major decision without first seeking guidance from them.
Students: Anyone with the required dexterity and wisdom and is seeking the either find a greater purpose to life through balance, or those who wish to be able to defend themselves and those around that at a moments notice.

Public Agenda

To make a sect of monks that are ahead of the threat, not catching up with it.


This monastery is relatively new when compared to the Northern monastery, and was founded by a former student of the Northern monastery.

The world moves fast, we must move faster.

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
The Open Hand
Grand-master Wu

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